Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sample Garment Finished!

I finished the tank! Wooooo! I have no idea if it will fit a real person yet. I wanted to make something for Ms. Yarn Minion to wear and abuse so I get an idea of how the yarn held up over time. I wanted to limit myself to only using 2 skeins of this inventory yarn so ditched the idea of rewarding my Yarn Minion and went with a smaller size.

Through what I can only describe as a stunning display of 'I don't think we need to test you for LD when your GPA is so high' dyslexia, I transposed the numbers for the various sizes throughout the pattern. I did this a lot and in many places. I haven't tried this on a real person yet. I think I made a nice recovery, but it is not a small. It is also not 2 skeins of yarn. I hate running out an inch from the end.
Steamblocked (19)
Steamblocked (30)
Yarn: Cotton Slub by Dyeabolical in Orange, 3 skeins. I barely broke in to the 3rd skein.
Pattern: Isabella by Jordana Paige [I'll have this yarn up in the shop next week!]
Modifications: I knit in the round instead of flat pieces. There were obviously sizing differences. I added 10% to each of the length measurements intending this sweater to go through a hot wash and dry before giving it away (more on that later). I did a crocheted crab stitch around the arms and neck instead of a picot edge like I did at the hem.
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