Monday, June 15, 2009

Brief shop update

I began dyeing again last week. I had a dozen or so sock blanks so I dyed them up and worked on a few special orders. Half the new sock colors and most of the cottons I had in stock went to Knitorious this past weekend for a special event. I haven't talked to Sandy today, but I hope it went well. The remaining yarns went up in my etsy shop.
The new sock colors don't have names because they are technically one of a kind. I've managed to reproduce the brown/gold one twice now so I think it is officially a color. Granted, if I keep making this color I'm going to have to start charging more for it. The 'secret' to this colorway is accidentally dumping in about $5 worth of dye when I meant to use about $.50. Pretty, but not very cost effective.

One of the best parts of Ravelry is getting to see what others have made with my yarns. Here are two knitters who shared their projects with me. [Note: you will need a Ravelry user name and password to see these links]
Fruitychick made this awesome Baby Surprise Jacket from sock yarn:
KatieItal alternated one of my yarns with a solid sock yarn to make this great checked sock:

Pretty cool!

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