Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Repost: Hand Painted vs. Kettle Dyed

I dye using various methods. The two most common methods I use are hand painting and what I call kettle dyeing.

My hand painted yarns and rovings are usually very bright with distinct areas of bold "clear" color. The color is applied by actually painting the yarn. These colorways typically appeal to those who like bright colors and stripy socks. While this isn't a self-striping yarn, it will frequently "pool" in to stripes. While there are always some variations between hand painted skeins, you can recognize a hand painted color from batch to batch.
Themyscira colorway handpainted
(sock picture courtesy of KateohKatie)

My kettle-dyed yarns are not a true kettle dye. This is just the easiest way I can find to describe what I do. The colors tend to be a deeper shade than the hand painted yarns. This deeper shade often translates as a more sophisticated palette. These kettle dyed yarns create strong variations from skein to skein, even within the same lot. I do repeat some colors using this method, but for the most part I let inspiration guide me from dye session-to-dye session.
 Themyscira colorway kettle dyed

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