Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Unspun BFL

Unspun BFL Pencil Roving

Fiber Content: BFL
Weight: approx 8oz.
Yardage: approx 98 yards held 2-ply or 196 yards if knitted 1-ply

Is it yarn? Is it roving? It's both! This unspun roving yarn has the beautiful luster of blue faced leicester and the gorgeous crimp BFL fans have come to love. Unlike a typical roving this product can easily and quickly be knitted in to bulky garments and accessories. Unlike a typical yarn, this 2-ply roving can be split evenly in to 1-ply that can be drafted and spun like regular pencil roving.

Knitted 2-ply gets a bulky gauge of 2 stitches per inch on a size 15. With not very much work you can separate the 2 plies in to a chunky 1-ply that knits 3 stitches per inch on a 10.5US

Knitting is not all you can do with this product. It will do what roving does best--spin! To make a very bulky single, hold two plies together and introduce twist. A chunky single would be made the same way by separating the plies and introducing twist without drafting.

The delicate nature of this fiber prior to dyeing means that you may find a break or two in your 8oz. skein [after winding/dyeing the yarn/roving is much sturdier]. Don't fret! There are no knots to cut out. You will not lose anything to waste. Simply overlap the ends of the ply that broke and kept winding or knitting. For spinners, it is just like introducing a new piece of roving. For knitters, it isn't a problem, either. I have also had very good luck simply overlapping about an inch and continuing knitting. The yarn is grabby enough to stay put.

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