Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday update and Saturday preview

Read this paragraph even if you skip the rest of the post--
I realized I have listed these new Strong Arm colors with the wrong price for the base. The Strong Arm base should be $19. I have it listed a dollar lower. I will honor the lower price on all the Strong Arm through Sunday. I will include new listings between now and then at the lower price. I am sorry for the confusion.
Okay, you can run away now.


Here's what I'll be posting to the shop in a few minutes. I only have a few for Saturday unless I get up from this chair and rewind more yarn. Likelihood of that happening? I've got a pot full of Kona coffee straight from Hawaii, courtesy of blogless Annie (blog, Annie, blog!) and I fully intend on savoring it while doing nothing.
Friday Preview

Saturday will finish up the current listings:
My creation

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