Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Night Dots

  • Tonight I was poking through Ravelry for projects made with my yarn and found a few new ones. Very nice, knitters! I may have to dye up some lace yarn if people are going to stroke my ego with such great lace knitting.
Kryptonite Spider Net by knitterbunny

Icarus Shawl by Katilo

Leafy Lace Capelet by LuckyFind

Eek Eek by Jennydee

Glacial Socks by KatieOhKatie
  • A friend who was visiting the Bethel, MO World Sheep & Fiber Arts Festival sent me this cell picture. It's a little difficult to see, but that's a picture of a skein of hand spun yarn entered in the spinning contest. The spinner used my roving! I hope the spinner won first prize.
Handspun made from my roving
  • I finished knitting a sweater from my Cotton Slub Yarn. It still needs to be blocked and have buttons added. I have had a lot of compliments on the color, but it just isn't me. I think I'll overdye it teal or kelly green. I made a lot of modifications to the pattern, including copious short rows and lengthening the ribbing so they didn't end mid-bust.
  • CPSIA update: The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act now exempts yarn and fabric from safety testing, primarily lead testing because, duh, lead isn't used in its production. Garments made with any material not yarn or fabric still have to be tested. Companies who have in-house labs will now be exempt from testing. So basically, the biggest offenders of lead use in children's products aren't going to be subjected to these new rules even though these new rules were created in response to their offenses. Yeeeaaaaahhhh.

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