Monday, September 7, 2009

Slinky Ribs Sweater

Cotton Slub Slinky Ribs Sweater

Pattern: Slinky Ribs by Wendy Bernard from Custom Knits
Yarn: 4 skeins (YES, only 4 skeins!) of Dyeabolical Cotton Slub in Wisteria
Size: Largest with additional modifications
Notes: The 1st and 4th pictures above are pre-blocking. The 2nd and 3rd pictures are post-blocking. I had a hell of a time getting good pictures of this sweater.....I'm lying. I have GREAT pictures of the sweater. They just aren't good pictures of my face. Ahem.

I recommend a hand wash and air dry for this yarn. However, this yarn loves to be chucked in to a hot wash and dry for its first bath. It really makes the yarn bloom and the stitches even out. I knit an extra 10% in length to account for any shrinking that happens during that first bath. I also knit an extra 10% in width that ended up being unnecessary.

The gauge I used was slightly smaller than what the pattern called for so I had to count for that, plus I have wider shoulders. Altogether I ended up casting on 110 stitches, which was probably too many. If I were to make this again for my current size I would eliminate 10-15 stitches.

I extended the ribbed section part longer to accommodate my ample front. I didn’t want the ribbing to end in an unattractive place. I also used short rows in the front to keep the hem even. I increased on the last ribbing row to give the stockinette portion of the sweater a blousey empire look that I thought looked better over a larger belly.

I had to do a little extra math to make the ribbing symmetrical on either side of the button band. If you look at the long sleeve version in the book you can see where the ribbing on either side of the button band isn't even. After I was about 4" past the ribbing I ended up ripping it and making it even.

The button band doesn’t tell you to make button holes. I used the bind off/cast on method of making evenly spaced button holes.

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