Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Several people at Strange Folk asked for the cashmere blend spinning fibers I had last year. It was a popular product and several people stopped by the table to show me their finished yarns. Beautiful! And soft, too! I wavered a bit on my decision to cut back to just superwash merino and Australian wool rovings.

My decision not to bring anything fancier with me was motivated by the steep increases in prices this year. The diminishing quality of cashmere overall, regardless of where it is milled, added to my resolution not to bring a cashmere blend with me. I just didn't think it was a good fit on the table this year.

Since making that decision I have run across interesting reading material on the environmental and economic impact of cashmere herding and processing. This Chicago Tribune article does an excellent in depth review of the environmental issues. American.edu has a lesson plan on the subject of cashmere herding and farming in Mongolia. If you have a few more minutes to devote to reading than this thread on Ravelry is an interesting read. Now I'm wondering if carrying cashmere at all is the right decision for Dyeabolical. I need to do a little more soul searching on this issue.

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