Friday, October 9, 2009

Casting on

Do you ever struggle with starting a project? I have cast on and ripped for several projects in the past few weeks. Dyeing is at a stand still until more yarn arrives and a cold front has moved through. I have taken advantage of this momentary lull in activity to make some garments that will both inspire other people to knit with Dyeabolical yarn and will keep us warm.

I limited myself to 1 pair of socks and sweater. I wanted a swingy cardigan that could be made from either 3 skeins of the silk/merino fingering yarn I have left over or from 4 skeins or less of the cotton slub. Scott requested a pair of socks for himself nearly 6 months ago so that was also on the agenda.

Most of the patterns I liked for the cardigan required a worsted weight yarn. I could certainly substitute, but there is only so many things you can do to sport cotton to make it behave like worsted wool. I cast on for several sweaters, including a broomstick lace cardigan, and ripped them right out again before settling on the perfect sweater--February Lady Sweater inspired by Annie's most recent finished project. I'm using the color Jamie Green in the Cotton Slub yarn. I thought I would have to adjust the pattern because my yarn is thinner than the worsted it called for, but no! I'm hitting spot on the required gauge even though I went down several needle sizes.
After casting on for many different socks, I settled on using my Strong Arm sock yarn in the Old Jeans colorway to make a pair of Tadpoles for Scott. I managed to get the entire cuff done in one evening and that's where progress stalled. It took me a few days to finish the heel and now I'm slogging through the gusset wishing I could cast on for something else. Knitters ADD? What are you knitting?

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  1. Yay on the February Lady Sweater and I love Scott's sock. I'm still ripping;-(


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