Friday, October 30, 2009

New Sock Yarns

I've been posting new sock yarns! The yarns on top have been listed on etsy already. The ones towards the bottom will be listed this weekend. I am really pleased how these new colors turned out. Normally I let intuition and inspiration guide my dye application and color choice. This leads to highly individual skeins when I'm using methods other than strict handpainting. This time I asked my twitter followers what there high school colors were. I used the colors of the first several responses as a jumping off point for these new colors. Unlike my other non-painted yarns, I can repeat nearly all of these fairly closely. The method I use still leads to a lot of variation between skeins, as you can see, but I can get in the ball park if I wanted to repeat some of these colors.

What do you think? Click here for a larger image.

October Sock Yarns

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