Thursday, October 1, 2009

Strange Folk Wrap Up

Thank you to everyone who came out and made Strange Folk a success! I have heard nothing but positive feedback from vendors and attendees except for possibly the lack of funnel cakes. Ahem. KUDOS to Autumn and her minions for making Strange Folk and the Upcycle Exchange a success!

I sold out or nearly sold out of many yarns. Yay! Some of the yarns I brought with me did so well that I will be turning them in to official lines and have them in the shop in the future. I will definitely be carrying more:
  • cotton warp
  • felting fibers
I have a little bit of 2-ply tussah silk left, along with some silk thread, cotton boucle, and a sw wool/bamboo blend that I will be posting to etsy soon. They are good yarns that are fantastic in person, but don't necessarily translate well on a website and therefore won't be part of the regular rotation. It's hard to convey softness, drape and texture in pixels.

I'm on the fence about putting the silk/merino in to regular rotation. On the one hand, OMGSOFT! PRETTY! On the other hand, nearly $50 a skein with shipping.
(a left over Silkerino skein)

Many of my favorite knitters stopped by the table to say hello, including several members of the Artisan Guild of Southern Illinois who were showing off their hand spun yarns made from roving I sold them last year. How awesome is that?
(2 oz. of cashmere blend in Joker colorway plied with 2-ply white wool, spun by Karen)

(Beth spun tencel merino "Can't Hit the Side of a..." in to a bouncy great worsted weight yarn)
(Isn't this scarf amazing? Spun and knit from cashmere blend "Christmas is Coming" by Susan)

If you Southern Illinoisans (or even Missourians) are looking for a comprehensive artists guild, check out Artisan Guild of Southern Illinois. They are intensely passionate about their various crafts and are eager to share their knowledge. Unfortunately they meet on the one day a week that I can't break free otherwise I would spend all my time with them, I think.

And now for a non-Strange Folk update. The more Dyeabolical becomes a full-time endeavor the more I find myself wanting a separate space for blogging, a 'private public' space if you will. I may talk about the same event or project, but the point of view will differ. For example, I'll have a Strange Folk update on my other blog but it will talk about what I bought instead of what I sold. You are absolutely welcome to come over to my other blog and read. It IS a public blog, after all, but after today I won't be linking to it except on rare occasions. Be sure to update your RSS feeds if you want to follow both blogs!

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