Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Can I pretend I'm not home?

I thought for sure I could get through this entire week without yarn showing up at my door and demanding attention. I love yarn and all, but I'm elbow deep in a design project right now and had hoped to have it finished before the new base yarn arrived.

UPS tried to deliver a package yesterday with 20 pounds of cotton warp and 5 pounds of felting and spinning wool. They weren't able to deliver it, so they dropped it off at the complex office. Dang it. This means 2 things.

First, I have to carry it up 3 flights of stairs. I remember when 25 pounds of yarn sounded like an enormous order. Actually, it still sounds enormous but only in that I have to carry it up the stairs to my apartment. Everything sounds more enormous when you have to carry it up 3 flights. Maybe one day I will have dedicated ground floor studio.  [Insert Digression Here]

Second, now I have all this internal pressure to clean my kitchen and get the yarn dyed up pronto. Let's face it. The only reason I ever clean my kitchen is to dye yarn. If I had any internal pressure to do the dishes for the dishes sake, then I wouldn't be writing this paragraph about cleaning my kitchen, would I? It would already be clean and I would be halfway through the dye process and too busy to blog. Ahem.

Digression: Recently, I did look in to getting studio space at a local nearly-defunct mall. Unfortunately the price for rent had tripled between the time I looked at it and the time I was ready to commit to an actual studio. I met a co-op of artists who had studio space and had considered joining them to rent out display space only. While it was a good deal (practically nothing a month with no long-term commitment), the general impression among most of the mall artists I talked to was that the mall management was less than supportive of the entire project. I still considered it, but had this nagging feeling that I should wait a week or two before committing. So I did and, lo and behold, a sign from the universe appeared. I took it as a sign that I should hold off on studio and/or display space when I heard an uncomfirmed rumor that the mall roof caught fire and management failed to evacuate despite corridors full of smoke. Fire can happen anywhere, but I know a sign when I see it. I was on the fence anyway about renting space. A slow season, fire rumors, and jacked up rent pretty much tipped the scale.

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  1. Still, we would love to have you at Crestwood (that's the mall, right?) We are doing amazing things there. Really. Retail? Well, it's not a mall anymore. Don't think of it that way. It's an art destination. And a great place to work. I think you would be amazed at the community that is building. Talk to more of us. Jeane (Jeane Vogel Studios,, 205 Crestwood Court)


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