Sunday, January 17, 2010

Husband Socks

Husband has new socks and won't take them off. He's thrilled to finally have a second pair of knitted socks and I am thrilled to go back to working on my own socks. :)

Yarn: Dyeabolical Strong Arm
Color: Old Jeans
Pattern: Tadpoles
Modifications and Notes: I increased to 68 stitches after the ribbing. I did 4 purls in the middle of the char instead of 2. I knitted through the back loop of the yarn overs to close the holes and prevent a lacy eyelet. The purl symbols on the 3rd row are very faint. I almost missed them. Worked heel over 32 stitches. The top of the foot is longer than the bottom of the foot. This can be compensated for by doing short rows on the bottom of the foot. Husband liked the way the longer top and shorter bottom fit his foot so I bypassed the short rows but would add a short row on the sole after every 2nd pattern repeat in the future.


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