Friday, January 15, 2010

Spinning....on a spinning wheel

I have had Clare Dowling's Spinning Wheel stuck in my head for days now, probably because it is the theme song for Yarn Spinners Tales podcast.  I have been listening to YST obsessively in anticipation of finally fixing Scott's wheel and spinning some yarn. Spinning used to be a tremendous source of comfort for me but somehow I have 8 months slip by since the movers snapped the thingy that holds the flyer and about a year since I've actually sat down at the wheel.

I have never been especially comfortable at Scott's wheel, an old Ashford Traditional but I am thrilled just to have a wheel especially one we found at such a good price. I like that I can sit on the couch, zone out and still be productive even when I can't focus enough to knit. Still, it would be nice to have a travel wheel to take to shows. Too bad the $645 price tag for the Spinolution Bee is prohibitive. Sigh. It would be extra nice to have a production wheel like the Mach II or Kromski Symphony. A Schacht Matchless would be pretty sweet, too. Think of all the yarn I could make! I could sell it! It would practically pay for itself! Right? Right? ...right? Double sigh. 

This first thing I am going to spin on our soon-to-be-repaired wheel is a self-striping yarn from my own felting wool. I. Can. Not. Wait.

[Begin shameless self-promotion and a healthy dose of rambling: You too can spin your own self-striping yarn or create your own needle felted pretties! A single half-ounce bump of fiber is only $1.75. Buy 4 half-ounce bumps and pay only $6.50. All items ship FREE in the US and have discounted shipping to Canada from my Artfire shop. I plan on continuing free shipping until I am established on Artfire or until such time that maintaining 2 shops stops being worth it. Hopefully that won't happen. The same items are in my Etsy shop, but I do not offer free shipping through Etsy, so why not give Artfire a try? Artfire does a much better job communicating with its sellers, it has a better fee structure and it isn't (yet) flooded with sellers. I still love Etsy, of course, and will continue to sell there but the fee structure means I can't offer sales. End shameless self-promotion.]

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