Sunday, January 3, 2010

What is your all-time favorite gift?

I am sitting at a clean table and watching over a boiling pot that is about to become twice-baked cauliflower, I am not sure how long it takes for cauliflower to get soft, but it seems to be taking a really long time. I'm not complaining. The wait has given me time to finally sit down and really read my mother's new recipe collection called "Cooking Broke".

 This collection and her previous recipe collection, "The Old and the Beautiful", are two of my all-time favorite gifts. "The Old and the Beautiful" is the go-to book when I'm looking for that perfect dessert recipe. "Cooking Broke" is filled with all kinds of tasty comfort food like fried baloney sammiches, grilled cheese, stuffed acorn squash and something called Slumgullion which actually sounds kind of good if one can get past the name (one can). While the recipes are good--with the probable exception of an untested recipe called "Meat Brick" which may be good if one could get past its name (one can't)--the commentary is what has me entertained while I'm waiting for the cauliflower to soften.

This is a very practical tip from the pages of Cooking Broke:

Leftovers, leftovers, leftovers. This is why they make Gladware--so eat your supper, but save some in the freezer for lunch this week, and be sure you never work ANYPLACE that doesn't have a microwave. [Amen.]
What is your all-time favorite gift?

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