Monday, February 22, 2010

The view from my couch

My big plans for today was to knit, pattern write, photograph and label the BFL and get some cotton dyed up. Then this morning, on the way to the car, I walked down stairs 1-9 and missed the 10th stair entirely. I'm fine, but sore. I'm happy to know my body still knows how to take a fall, but really, is there anything more irritating than skinned knees? They are a little stingy but strictly speaking skinned knees are rarely painful. The main injury from skinned knees is the hit one takes to their ego. I know I'm feeling a peg or two lower than how I started the morning.
I'll still knit and pattern write, but I doubt anything else will get accomplished today. I was really looking forward to getting the BFL up, too. It's all braided and everything. See?

Stupid stairs.


  1. Ouch! Sorry to hear about that - stupid skinned knees.

  2. I'm sorry you got a booboo. It's so darned humiliating. Hope you just got the skinned knees, nothing else. And, that is about the prettiest picture I've seen in a long time!!!!!!!!!!


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