Sunday, February 7, 2010

The world according to dots

  • One of my early colorways was "Derby Girl", which I colored hot pink and black in honor of St. Louis's Arch Rival Roller Girl (ARRG) league. Last season I made a pair of armwarmers from Kara's Rockstar Armwarmers pattern and loved them. I never wore them to a game but I have worn them at home all winter while I am working at my chilly desk. Somehow they ended up in the laundry tonight and I inadvertently washed them on hot. Oops. I went ahead and threw it in the dryer because in for a penny, in for a pound, right? I only pulled one glove out of the washer. A thorough search of the laundry area and I came up literally empty (and cold) handed. I pondered the absurdity of twittering "I've lost my Derby Girl fingerless mitten. ARRG!" but then I came to my senses and realized a) that's what I have a blog for; b) I'm the only one who would think it was funny except maybe the 4 other people who both have purchased Derby Girl and are also ARRG aficionados and c)by the time I could sit down and blog it I had found the second one wound up in the blankets. What, you don't wear your fingerless mitts to bed? 
  • Last year I pondered doing more colors inspired by derby teams but then I ran out of time. I still want to do derby colors, but my current obsession is with Alice in Wonderland. I haven't quite yet committed myself to dying up new Alice-inspired colors but I'm *this* close to giving in. Two things I will be dyeing up as soon as yarn gets here are older superhero-inspired colorways that I haven't done in a while and a whole lot of one super secret color way for a super secret project that I am not talking about yet.
  • I did my spring ordering this weekend. I have 50 pounds of yarn and fiber on it's way to me. I was seriously low on dye and chemicals so I placed a mondo order for that, too. When did dye get so expensive? I am shocked how some of my materials have gone up in the last year. I've got more Strong Arm on its way. I've got some new colors for Cotton Slub, plus a few favorites. I have a 75/25 sw merino/nylon top on the way that is perfect for spinning sock yarns. I'm also getting in an old favorite, superwash BFL spinning top. I think I have found a supplier for corrie cross, too. I'll know if it will work for me once the samples get here. I ordered two new potential worsted weight yarns and a potential new superbulky. Part of me is really looking forward to getting all this new yarn in. Part of me, mostly my back and neck part of me, hopes that the order gets lost in the mail so we don't have to sling heavy pots of water and yarn around. 
  • Don't tell the previous bullet point but my back didn't care about slinging heavy pots of water until about half an hour ag when it seized up and nearly went out because I sat up. Okay, so 10 minutes previous to sitting up I had been carrying laundry back and forth and up and down the stairs all evening so it wasn't just like I injured myself sitting or anything, just sitting up. I'm sitting up against a heating pad now with a 30 pound cat draped around my neck and purring in my ear  and I'm feeling f-i-n-e, and talkative, with half a darvocet down my throat. The f-i-n-e part is how you can tell I'm really hurting. Usually darvocet just makes me unreasonably tired and cranky. I'm wide awake and only moderately cranky. Mainly because the other half of the darvocet is way over there and I'm way over here. Um, what? I think I probably ought to stop blogging now.
  • Geaux Saints!

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