Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Knitting the Queue

I have been toying with the idea of knitting my Ravelry queue in the order it is listed. The rationale is that I added those projects to my queue for a reason, but I am always being distracted by the oooh shiny and knitting the newest patterns. The items in my queue, some going back to 2007, are perfectly good projects that I still want to knit so why not knit them? Blogging is easier with a knit-along and I do need blogging help sometimes, so I began thinking about Knitting the Queue as an ongoing project.

When I conceived of Knitting the Queue several days ago, my Ravlery queue was at 5 pages and 130+ items. I viciously trimmed that number down to 79. I cut anything that didn't appeal to me anymore, any pattern that had a lot of negative reviews, any pattern that just looked odd on large women, any pattern that  I just don't see myself wearing (lace, not that lace isn't perfectly lovely) and any pattern that was too similar to any other pattern. Then I cast on projects 1 and 2 last week and cast on for project 3 yesterday.

These are the rules I devised for myself:
  1. Knit the ravelry queue in order they were added.
  2. Adding and removing items from the queue is allowed, but rearranging the order of the queue is not. 
  3. Deleting items from the queue is allowed. 
  4. Non-queue knitting (such as simple socks, dish cloths and hats) are allowed and encouraged for several reasons: a) for times when mindless knitting is required; b) because I'm down to 2 pairs of socks and 0 dish cloths and really need to stock up; c) in case several difficult or large queue items stack up next to each other; d) in case of a delay in acquiring the materials for the next queued item. 
  5. An queued item may be knitted out of order if, and only if, that queued item needs to be knitted as a sample for an LYS or for a show out of Dyeabolical yarn. In this case the queued item will be considered Work Knitting and not Fun Knitting. All Knitting the Queue projects should be fun and not work.
  6. Knitting the Queue may be dismissed without prejudice should it become Not Fun Anymore.

I cast on for my first 2 projects earlier this week.
Project #1: Square 1 for Lizard Ridge Afghan
Work in progress. 2 days to knit this first square. I decided to use Noro Silk Garden instead of the Noro Kureyon the pattern calls for. I like the Kureyon colors better, in general, but I know from experience that Silk Garden can take a few rides through the washer and drier without felting. I have really furry cats. Washable is good, even if it is only a limited amount of washability (is that a word?).

Project #2 
Swiffer cover made from kitchen cotton. I am seriously impressed at how well this works with my Swiffer WetJet. I will definitely be making more of these. 

Note: I try to keep this blog strictly about Dyeabolical yarns, fibers or patterns. Many Knitting the Queue projects are not made with Dyeabolical yarn, fiber or patterns. For the sake of continuity, I am making an exception and including those projects in this blog, rather than posting those projects to my non-Dyeabolical/personal blog as I normally would.


  1. This is a great idea... I think I will do the same!

  2. I have been wanting to make one of those swiffer covers.

    And, see, I just blog about what is in the queue, I haven't knit much of it. I need to try to follow your lead!

  3. Margo--I welcome the company! :)

    Jen--The swiffer cover is awesome. I thought it might be a waste of time, but it really works great.


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