Saturday, March 13, 2010

Off With Her Red! (Again!)

There is only one skein left of Off With Her Red! and Hookah You?  It is a repeatable color, but I won't be able to dye more of it for at least a month due to other obligations.

I used a skein of Strong Arm in Off With Her Red! to make this collar for my Alice in Wonderland swap partner. I'm confident she doesn't read my blog so I think it is safe to show this here. The pattern itself could use a little polishing, but the design is brilliant. The pattern is a modification of Knitty's Tudora called  the Post Apocalypic Tudora. The collar stood up all on its own until I left the ruff on the head in a humid room overnight. Unless the knitted fabric is very tight the collar will eventually fall, humidity or not. I used a styling trick, aka jamming a pin in to the foam, to get the color to stand up in the pictures. I only needed one pin to coax the collar in to standing again, so I suspect that making the button band taller and adding more than one button would have the same effect. Jessica Foamhead doesn't mind when I jam her full of pins, but you probably want to avoid that styling trick on yourself. 

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