Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shop Update now with extra name dropping

I listed the Alice Colors (Off With Her Red, Mock Turtle and Hookah You), along with several other one-of and semisolid colors.

My creation

Prior to making the shop update, (here comes the name dropping) I spent the afternoon with Franklin Habit...

...learning the importance of aluminum foil and tissue paper in the art of photographing knitwear. He said important things about aperture, white balance and shutter speed, too, so it wasn't as if this were The Crafting with Franklin Hour, but that aluminum foil trick totally was worth the price of admission. I never would have thought of it myself.

None of these pictures are great. They are just quick snapshots, but see how different they are. They were taken all within a few seconds of each other all in the same spot.

Without white balance or aluminum foil
With white balance

With white balance and aluminum foil. 

With white balance, foil and 30 seconds in photoshop
Cool, huh? I knew about white balance before, but I was missing some tiny trick to really make it work as well as it could. I had been holding the camera up facing the back of the light tent, and then getting up close and personal to take the picture. The light is different at the back of my tent so I should have been doing the white balance closer to where I was actually shooting. It's minor, but I think it will make a huge difference once I pull out my table top studio lights. Speaking of, someone yesterday asked me what I used and I couldn't remember the brand. I use Kuhl Studio Lights and I love them.

And now, I'm off. This has been a hugely busy week for me, what with having to make up time from last week, going to the 3rd funeral in 3 weeks and working on *squee* a few wholesale orders. I think today I'm taking the day "off" to sit on the couch and knit up samples. That is, if I could ever step away from this computer....


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