Friday, April 2, 2010

Knitted superhero guy and a knit-in at Laumeier Sculpture Park

The Laumeier Sculpture Park Knit-In is tomorrow! There will be a gallery talk at 1PM with Mark Newport, the creator of the knitted superhero costumes. The costumes are fascinating, both in concept and construction, but also in the reactions of who is viewing it. I have noticed in my 2 visits that knitters have to exhibit extreme amounts of self-control to prevent themselves from flipping the costume inside out to look at the stranding or grabbing a leg and counting the calf increases.

There will be a knit-in in the park following the gallery talk. There is a small possibility that I will miss the gallery talk, but I will definitely be at the knit-in.

The gift shop is worth a visit, as well. There is some great jewelry in the cases and other hand-crafted items on the shelves. I know for a fact there is hand dyed yarn there, since I'm the one who dropped it off there a few weeks ago. *grin*
Laumeier Sculpture Park is at 12580 Rott Road in St. Louis County, near Interstate 44 and Lindbergh Boulevard. 

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