Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Green With Indie

I will be at the Green With Indie craft show on June 5 in the Webster University Grant Gym at 175 Eager Rd.

Here's what you need to know:
  • Green With Indie is an eco-friendly indie art & craft show organized by the STL Craft Mafia and sponsored by the Environmental Studies Committee at Webster University
  • This is one of the few eco-friendly indie craft fairs in the STL area. It will feature local artists, vintage treasures, locally-grown organic greenery and more.
  • Everything is earth-friendly, salvaged, upcycled, recycled, home grown, home made, revamped or refurbished. All are 100% unique. 
  •  My items are made from renewable resources (wool and cotton). I use new high quality fibers, but I use recycled/repurposed materials for dyeing (pots unusable for food, old utensils, recycled containers for dyes) and methods that protect the water source (reuse/repurpose much of the water, water neutralized before going down the drain). 
  •  This is important. Parking information. There is another large event in the neighborhood the same day. Art and Air is taking place at Eden Seminary which is adjacent to the Webster University campus. Green With Indie is on the opposite side of campus, but the two events will be sharing parking. I don't know how busy Art and Air gets, but I know from experience that navigating and parking at WU can be interesting if you aren't familiar with the layout. 
I am not trying to scare you on parking. I do not think you will have any problems, however, several of my customers have mobility issues*. I wanted to be detailed enough here so they could make an informed parking decision. There is handicap parking in Lot H and the building is handicap accessible. There is also handicap parking in the other lots, but it probably won't do you much good if you have to walk a block or more to get to the building.
 I recommend you try to park in Lot H which is behind Grant Gymnasium (attached to the University Center). The next closest parking is Lot P (P is for Parking Garage) and Lot L, both of which are located on Garden Avenue.  Here is a link to the Webster University Campus Map. The gym is location #16. 
Art and Air is offering a shuttle for their event starting at noon on Saturday. If you are attending both Art and Air and Green With Indie, then you can take the shuttle from any of the Art and Air stops to the Webster University Parking garage. It is just a one-block walk from the parking garage to the gym.
This best way to avoid traffic (assuming there is any) is to take Watson west to Eager, which is a few blocks past Laclede Station Rd. There is no light. Take Eager until you hit the campus. Grant Gym and the University Center are the first University buildings you come to. They are on your left. Lot H entrance is right before it. Garden Ave. is next up on your right. If there is no parking in Lot H, L or P, then I assume you'll just give up and I'll see you at Tower Grove Farmers Market on July 3rd. *grin* 

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