Thursday, May 20, 2010

Knitting the Queue Update

I haven't been knitting much. Every 10 minutes I run outside to see if my garden has grown any since the last time I checked it. Then I spent every spare moment last week knitting my husband a pair of socks for his birthday. Aside from the socks I've managed to accomplish very little.

Project #1: Lizard Ridge
 I finished square #4 shortly after my last KTQ update and started immediately on #5. Sad to say that was several weeks ago and I am still on square #5. [Image of finished afghan from the Lizard Ridge pattern on]

Project #4: Slither
 I cast on 2 weeks ago for this project and yesterday I knit the first row. Yeah yeah, you know you do it too. I am using a worsted weight base yarn that I am considering bringing in for fall. It is a superwash merino wool and I did semi-solid black, gold and maroon. *geek*Better be...Griffyndor!*endgeek*  [Image of finished gloves from the Slither pattern on]

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  1. I was thinking about your issue last night. Do you have enough done that they can stay how they are and the rest you knit be super bright.. maybe K has some brights from previous knits. She loves the noro.


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