Sunday, May 30, 2010


Project #1: Lizard Ridge
 Squares 4 and 5 are finished! I'm working on square #6 using leftovers of the previous squares. I'm hoping that by using 2 different colorways that I'll get more colorful blocks.  [Image of finished afghan from the Lizard Ridge pattern on]

Project #4: Slither
No progress. None at all.  [Image of finished gloves from the Slither pattern on]

New project:
Cecchetti by Marnie MacLean
This next project is in my queue but not part of KTQ. I am making the smallest size as a booth sample and I plan on making it for myself in a larger size later. New discovery: Knitting an XS sweater is a bazillion times faster than knitting a 3x sweater. [Image and pattern from Twist Collective]

The yarn is my Cotton Slub in the Honey Wheat color. My gauge is a little loose (4.5 sts/in instead of 5 sts/in), but I plan on running it through a hot wash and dry when I am finished and layering it over a black camisole and hanging it in the booth. I love the orange sweater I have been using for my booth sample, but I would like to get it back to the owner.


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