Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Small update

  • I remain utterly fascinated by my balcony garden, to the detriment of my knitting*. I am debating starting up a garden-only blog dedicated to discussing issues of balcony gardening. I even registered a domain. Everyone I have mentioned it to has raised their eyebrows. How many blogs does one person need? Well, 3 apparently--a business blog (this one), a personal conversation-style blog (lehcarknits.blogspot if you are interested and don't mind the lack of self-censorship) and potentially an article-based gardening blog (how to water, what about the neighbors, damned squirrels, making the most of small spaces). Not that having a gardening blog would actually stop me from posting about my garden in my business blog.
Oops! See what I mean? 

*Knitting the Queue update coming right after this post

  • My friend Kateri from Travelling Tea gave me some spinning and fiber supplies she was destashing. I have 200 (!!!!) felting needles which need a little TLC but are perfectly fine, several spindles and a Babe Bulky Wonder Electric Spinner! Wow.  So wow  that it merited two hugs. I never hug people. The e-spinner and I are getting to know each other. Like most Babe's, it is what it is. It will never be the best spinning wheel in the world, but it works and does what it is supposed to do--spin yarn. I admit, e-spinner and I have had a few words with each other uptake and ratios but I think we'll reach an understanding soon.
  • I haven't been in production mode for a few weeks, but I will be doing a small batches the next two weeks. What should I dye? I have non-superwash merino roving, felting fiber, lace weight 2-ply, cotton warp, cotton slub and sock yarn. Choices, choices! 


  1. Like I said in that email, I fully support any additional blogging endeavors! :-)

    (See ya at Green with Indie! :-))


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