Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tower Grove Wrap Up

Thank you to everyone who came out and visited the booth Saturday! We had a great time visiting with old friends and meeting new customers.

It went pretty well for our first tent show. I bought a tent, picked out tables and got this great folding bench thing as booth furniture. We eventually got the tent up and the paving stones really helped keep the tent from flying away in the strong winds. We didn't put out all of the inventory, but most of it went out.

As you can see from the pictures, we have plenty of room for growth. If only our car had as much room for growth as our booth seems to have! We were able to get our tent, table, chairs and inventory in the car this time, but my inventory is at about half level right now. My experience at the Strange Folk Festival tells me that I need to be very creative just to fit my full inventory and husband in to the car. I'll have to be very very creative if I'm going to fit full inventory and husband in the car along side of tables, tents, and chairs.

Deborah and Ann kept us company most of the day, which was nice. I didn't get to knit a single stitch while I was working, but it was nice to watch them knit. My next booth at Tower Grove is the July 4th weekend. There should be plenty of room for a small knit-in behind my booth, assuming there booth set-up then is the same as it was this weekend. I'll have to check with the organizers about how they feel about that.

My next show is Green With Indie at Webster University on Saturday, June 5! 

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  1. Now I know how busy you were, since you didn't notice that I failed to knit one single stitch! What a beautiful day. I really enjoyed the excuse to sit out and visit.


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