Friday, June 25, 2010

1000 Fabulous Knit Hats

Last year my friend Julie and I submitted her photographs of some of my hats to Annie Modesitt's new book 1000 Fabulous Knit Hats. We knew that at least one of our pictures/hats had been accepted, but the book came yesterday and we have FIVE pictures/hats in the book! Wooohoo!

1000 Fabulous Knit Hats is primarily an inspiration book, not a pattern book. There are 10 award winning patterns in this book and 990 other really nice pictures of knitted and crocheted hats. Yes, I can spend all afternoon looking at hats online OR I can pick up a well-designed book and pour over the images. It is easy to track down the patterns for most of these inspiration hats should I want them because Modesitt helpfully included information on who designed the hat pattern, plus the contact information of each contributor.

These are the hats I have in the book:

a stocking cap, designed by me, knit with 2 different colors of chunky yarn, for sale on Ravlery
Tamberet (that's Julie!) 
tam/beret with stranded colorwork brim, designed by me using my sock yarn held double in the Themyscira colorway for the main color, for sale on Ravlery 
 Purl Beret, design by Purl Soho
This hat is knit in my "Born on a Monday" color in a sport weight base that I dye infrequently. I can take special orders for this color and I have a new source for a sport weight base that I love. 
 5-hour Hat
designed by me, using my BFL unspun which is now discontinued, any super bulky yarn or 2-ply pencil roving will substitute, free pattern here 

 Glengarry, designed by Vicki Square
the yarn is a generic worsted wool, the contrast is my Strong Arm sock yarn in color "Shulkie" held double. I am out of "Shulkie" right now, but I can do a special order. The color "Hookah You" substitutes well. This is the one non-Julie snapshot that was used 

Big thanks to Julie of Sungazing Photography for taking most of the pictures. If you are looking for a photographer, I cannot recommend her highly enough!

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