Thursday, June 3, 2010

All packed up!

I am all packed up for Green With Indie and ready to go. The only thing I have left to do is finalize my inventory spreadsheet, put my shops on vacation and figure out whether to take my camping chairs or folding chairs.

I didn't get any more handspun finished (boo!), but I did pick up the handspun from Laumeier this afternoon so I'll have plenty with me. I am also bringing some freshly dyed felting fiber, some sock yarns, the ever-popular Cotton Slub and I have new additions to my sale bin!

The one thing I probably won't be bringing with me is the new booth sample made from the Cotton Slub. There is no reason why it should take more than a week to finish an XS sweater on large needles knit in stockinette in the round, unless all you do when you "work" on it is lay it artfully next to you and zone out to Netflix Watch Instantly. I intend on heavy duty knitting tonight, but I'm awfully sleepy and you know how that goes.

I need to eat before I return to the smallest adult sweater ever designed. Tonight is lambchops and squash. Potentially yummy! Joy of Cooking says to broil for 5 minutes on each side. I guess I don't know how my broiler works because I broiled them for 10 minutes on each side and they are still pink. Feh. I'll stick with baking, thanks.

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