Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bullet Points

  • This review of Dyeabolical just came across my blog reader. Thank you, JD, for such a nice review of the Cotton Warp and for linking to my shop! It was so lovely meeting JD. Hand-painted yarns haven't quite taken off in the crochet community the same way they took off in knitting (possibly because the excess yardage is cost prohibitive?), so it was nice to meet someone who is such a vocal fan of hand-painted yarns for crochet.
  • I did a massive shop update today. I broke out the light box and shot/reshot several yarn photos.  I'm not sure what I did differently but I am really pleased with how they turned out.

  •  I met a woman last week who grows and processes her own cotton for spindle spinning. She was amazing to talk to. Have you ever tried to deseed a boll of cotton? That's dedication right there. Fellow Knit Nighters and I told her she needed to start a blog and I hope she does. I also hope she comments here to this blog. I forgot to get her name and email! 
  • Speaking of cotton, Modern Marvels did an episode on commercial processing of cotton. You can find it in installments on YouTube. I'll post the first installment at the bottom of this post. I'm fascinated by the electric looms. [I initially wrote "fascinated by the machinated weavers", which is a sure sign I out to go to bed soon.]
  • My spinning wheel arrived today! I ordered it 2 months ago after I was backed in to cutting back dyeing to part-time semi-permanently. The idea was to fill some of that new-found time producing handspun yarns. I did some of that on Scott's Traditional wheel, but it is hard to go fast enough on his old wheel. It just didn't fit my body ergonomics. I'll post wheel pictures soon!

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