Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Knitting the Queue June Update

My self-imposed Knitting the Queue rules are:

  1. Knit the Ravelry queue in order they were added.
  2. Adding and removing items from the queue is allowed, but rearranging the order of the queue is not. 
  3. Deleting items from the queue is allowed. 
  4. Non-queue knitting (such as simple socks, dish cloths and hats) are allowed and encouraged for several reasons: a) for times when mindless knitting is required; b) because I'm down to 2 pairs of socks and 0 dish cloths and really need to stock up; c) in case several difficult or large queue items stack up next to each other; d) in case of a delay in acquiring the materials for the next queued item. 
  5. An queued item may be knitted out of order if, and only if, that queued item needs to be knitted as a sample for an LYS or for a show out of Dyeabolical yarn. In this case the queued item will be considered Work Knitting and not Fun Knitting. All Knitting the Queue projects should be fun and not work.
  6. Knitting the Queue may be dismissed without prejudice should it become Not Fun Anymore.
I don't know how much longer I will stick closely to my self-imposed Knitting the Queue rules. I already had one breach of the rules when I skipped projects 6-30 to knit up the Baktus scarf. Oh well, that's why I have rule #6. The object of KTQ isn't dogmatic adherence to the rules; it's about giving myself incentive to work on those patterns and yarns that I have loved for years but always shove aside in favor of the oooh shiny. It also eliminates that uncomfortable feeling I get when I have finished a project and don't know what to cast on for next.

There are other projects coming up that may take my attention away from KTQ. Tour de Fleece starts on Saturday, Deborah and I are possibly going to do a Yarn Harlot-esque sock club, and I really should be doing more sample knitting. On the other hand, there are some KTQ projects coming up that I am looking forward to. Project #6 is the Apres Ski Kerchief that I have been dying to do out of some art yarn I bought last month. Project #7 is a HP-inspired sweater that I need to cast on for soon if I am going to wear it to the movie in November. Stop laughing.

On to the project updates:

Project #1: Lizard Ridge
Status: In progress
 Squares 6, 7 and 8 are finished! I used two different colorways for squares 7 and 8, instead of pulling from the inside and outside of a single color. I like the results much better! [Image of finished afghan from the Lizard Ridge pattern on]

Project 2: Swiffer Cover and Project 3: Fake Isle are completed and in my Ravelry notebook.

Project #4: Slither
Status: In progress
I finished the first glove and am through the 3rd stripe on the second glove. Buttons have been ordered. The yarn I dyed for this project is one I am considering bringing in for the fall. It is wonderful to knit with, lively and soft. These gloves are surprisingly difficult to photograph without a second person to hold the camera. [Image of finished gloves from the Slither pattern on]

Project #5: Huckleberry Ascot
Status: Finished
Original image from Interweave Knits

I knit this using one skein of Blue Heron Bulky Chenille in the color Curry. I love this color. It is such a glamorous scarf and so soft. The only modification I made was to leave the bobbles off. I finished the flared edges with a single crochet instead.

Project 31: Baktus Scarf
Status: Finished
Image of original scarf by Hildegunn on the Baktus pattern page on Ravelry

Made from my handspun. Pattern loosely followed. I used kfb increases instead of eyelet increases. The scarf is just a little too short for me, but would fit a more petite person well. I am thinking of putting it up for sale or trade. It is a gorgeous shawl, but the shiny yarn doesn't photograph well. The yarn looks very much like a sari silk, but without the dust and filth normally found in sari silk yarn.


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