Friday, June 18, 2010


I just listed my newest handspun. It is 100% alpaca, 2-ply, fingering weight, 280 yards for 100g, semi-worsted, drapey and really lovely, if I do say so myself.

I would love to keep this for myself, but that would go against my 2-project rule. I can keep 2 projects worth of yarn I dyed/made myself. Everything else gets listed. If I didn't follow that rule I would end up keeping most of my yarn.

I made an exception to the 2-project rule for the handspun I finished last week. I got my wheel on Tuesday. On Wednesday I made yarn. On Thursday I washed and dried the yarn. On Friday I went to go list the yarn for sale. That's when I blacked out (not really) and when I came to I had this really great scarf made from that handspun. Pictures don't do the colors justice. 

Knitting this scarf represents the first major breach of my self-imposed Knitting the Queue rules. If I cast on for anything new it should have been #5 Huckleberry Ascot, not #31 Baktus. Oh well. Why have rules if you aren't going to break them? The object of KTQ isn't dogmatic adherence to the rules; it's about working on those patterns that I have loved for so long but never managed to get around to.

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