Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Felting at Paste Crafts

I visited Paste Crafts with Deborah last night for a needle felting class taught by the lovely Katatomic. Paste sells my felting fiber and uses it for classes, so it was a little surreal to be taking a class on how to use my own supplies.

The other 3 participants, Stacy, Mimi and Deborah made really awesome felted flowers. Mine was pretty good. Deborah showed a natural aptitude for the craft and made a felted lady bug while we the rest of us were finishing up. I wish I had brought a camera. Maybe Deborah will post pics?

I'm not sure needle felting will play a prominent role in my crafting life, but I can see myself making felted beads or other inclusions for handspinning art yarn.

While I was at Paste I switched out some of my sock yarn for 3 colors of Cotton Slub* to see if it works for their customer base. If you would like to check it out or are in need of crafty supplies and happen to be in the St. Louis/Soulard area, stop by Paste!  

*Cotton Slub is also available through Knitorious and through my online shops.

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