Thursday, August 12, 2010

Can't you feel the chill?

How many days have we been in this newest heat advisory? 3? 4? 27? I've lost track. It's so hot it doesn't even feel hot anymore. It just feels heavy. It's the kind of hot that wears a person down even if they never leave the air-conditioning. It's just hot. Heavy. Humid. Horrible. So why am I so cold?

Fall is definitely coming. Underneath all that oppressive heavy air I can feel an undercurrent of fall. I've read other bloggers saying the same thing, which is reassuring because it just sounds nuts to talk about being cold when it is 100-degrees outside and the weight of the air is so heavy that breathing is a chore.

Fall is coming nonetheless and I can feel it. I'm torn between wanting it here now and wishing summer would last longer so I would have more time to knit my winter woolens. That's the thing about being a knitter. Sometimes, frequently actually, St. Louis will have a mild winter where you barely need a winter coat, much less wool socks, scarves, hats, mittens and a comfy toasty Malabrigo sweater. How disappointing it is when we can't wear all of our knitted accessories all at once and yet we keep knitting.

I've cast on for 2 new sweaters, 2 shawls and a pair of socks in the last 12 days and made pretty good progress with each of them considering most of my "knitting" time consists of staring blankly at the television and wishing it would rain, really rain, so I didn't have to go water the plants.

In worky work news, I am listing a limited edition run of a yarn I'm calling Zombie Alpacalypse for today's Lunchtime Listing. A few years ago I did a small run of yarn called Alpacalips (or something like that) that was 100% alpaca. It was nice, but this yarn is nicer. Way nicer. Zombie Alpacalypse is 50% fine alpaca, 30% merino and 20% silk. Hummana hummana! Each skein is 220 yards and approximately 100 grams. It sells for $20 per skein, with a bonus mini-skein thrown in if you buy 2 or more.

Kettle-dyed version of Fate, PhD
Kettle-dyed version of Off With Her Red

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