Monday, August 9, 2010

FOs and WIPS from Dyeabolical yarns

I don't think this will affect many of you, but if you are one of my Artfire customers, please update your bookmarks to direct to my Etsy shop. I'll still have some items listed on Artfire, but I won't have my full inventory on there. I will still have my Etsy shop and you can still find some of my yarns at Kniorious, Paste and Laumeier Sculpture Park's gift shop.

Now on to some finished objects and works in progress made by some talented Dyeabolical customers.
Mayasveil crocheted this wonderful shawl from a single skein of Strong Arm Sock Yarn.

Here is a better picture of the flowers I am crocheting from leftovers of Cotton Slub.

Deborah has been busy knitting with my yarns probably more than I have been. She made these Hand Charmers from a skein of sport weight yarn I dyed probably 3 years ago and had gotten hopelessly tangled. She untangled it and knit this in about 2 days. I love the way the yarnd is pooling in to stripes.
Turn it upside down and the mitt becomes a ruffled cuff.
More from Deborah! She crocheted this granny square using 2 colors of Cotton Warp and alternating colors every row. Will she use it as a wash cloth?

 ...or a napkin? Or something else?
 Zillaknits finished this beautiful lace shawl from the old Dyeabolical lace base. Gorgeous!

Have you finished any projects made from Dyeabolical yarns or fibers? I would love to include a picture in my blog!

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