Monday, August 30, 2010

Manic Monday? Magic Monday? Mosquito Monday? Insert Clever Alliterative Title Here

I woke up at 5:15 this morning with every intention of making headway on the Inverness sweater while reading a new book I downloaded.

Then what always happens happened. I woke up, got dressed and then...
  • cleaned off the table of a weeks worth of mail 
  • rinsed the dishes and piled them neatly for someone else to do
  • put out bowls of vinegar and baking soda because it still smells like someone elses late-night dinner
  • took some pictures of works in progress
  • made coffee
  • mentally wrote a blog post
  • convinced myself that transcribing said post from my brain in to an actual post would only take 10 minutes
  • Wrote, rewrote and rewrote this list again, eating up all of those 10 minutes before I got to the meat of the post. Shall we carry on? I just wrote "shawl we carry on" which might give you an idea of where my brain is. 
On and off my needles:

The battle of the shawls continues. I think I'm going to go forward with the crocheted shawl out of my cotton warp yarn. I committed enough to steal the needles out of the knitted end, but not enough to rip the knitted portion out. Somewhere in my mind, far away from where rational logic lives, I believe I can make 2 shawls out of 1 skeins of yarn and won't have to rip either.

I finished my August socks. They are comfy, but not very picture worthy. The color is awesome, but the pattern was terrible. I know the reputation of the editor and the designer, so I can't help but believe that there was a mix-up in publishing and the wrong version of the pattern made its way in to the book.

I started my September socks. 4 relatives have already asked me, with a hopeful gleam in their eyes, if I was knitting a baby bootie. NO, I am not knitting a baby bootie. I'm knitting a anklet for my great big grown-up foot. The ribbing has to be smaller to keep the thing on. It will stretch. I already checked.

I've sent the Mythos side-to-side cardigan to time out. This cardigan doesn't work for my proportions. I suspected that before I cast on for Mythos, but really wanted it to work. I know what I can do to fix it now, but I just don't wanna.

The main problem is where the sleeve meets the body. I drew a rough line so you can see where it changes. There isn't enough fabric to stretch from large upper arm to broad shoulder. Additionally, the shoulder before the neckline decreases is much too narrow to look good on me. I need to rip back and add more fabric there. I think a combination of short rows around the shoulder and additional full rows before decreasing will keep the shoulders from just sliding off when I put it on. This is all just more work than I want to do right now, so off to the hibernation cave it goes.

 *checks clock*


I've been writing this for half an hour and I haven't added pictures yet. 1:11 1:01 until my workday officially begins and I still have to take a shower, eat breakfast and finish this "quick" post. Time management, I don't haz it. 

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