Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New links, new blog design, new projects, lots of random

Hot, ain't it? Today was 100. Honestly, I can't feel it. It's like it's so hot that my body refuses to even acknowledge it. Good, because I hate being uncomfortable. Bad, because I overdo it really easily. Crazy humid, though. The water I spilled on the wooden deck 24 hours ago is just now starting to evaporate. It wasn't even like it was a lot of water. Yarn isn't drying, either. I skipped dyeing today because my drying rack is still full with wet fiber from Monday. 
  • A mosquito flew in sometime last week and apparently laid her eggs in my open-top terrarium. I just killed one of her babies. I have no remorse. 
  • I'm back on Plurk again under the user name dyeabolical. Do you Plurk? I'd love to follow you.
  • I had a long talk with my genius sister about marketing and the importance of keeping the same theme across multiple web presences, aka branding. I'm slowly working on coding a new front page for my website and I have redone my blog design. What do you think?
  • I donated a skein of yarn to the Makin' Cookies group on Ravelry in honor of their last 2 Cookie A. knit-a-longs. There is information in the group on how to enter to win my skein of yarn or one from the other sponsors. 
  •  I've been crocheting! I am toying with the idea of making a garland of flowers for my booth set-up, but at this pace it might turn out a bit like Auntie Mame's beginning weaving project, an enormous rug...a bell-pull by the fireplace.

  •  Deborah and I are doing our own form of Yarn Harlot's sock club. We committed to finishing a pair of socks a month for the next 6 moths. I didn't finish July's sock, but I enthusiastically cast on for the August sock. The yarn color is a one-off that I over-dyed a few months ago. I'll be honest and say that the color in the skein is not very attractive, but knitted up it is gorgeous! In the skein it looks like a bizarre orange and bronze. Knitted up there are oranges, reds, greens, browns! LOVELY! I wish this picture showed it better. I'll try to get a daytime picture soon.

I'm sold out of the color, but I heard that Knitorious still has a skein of it left.

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