Friday, August 20, 2010

Startitis and the Sale Bin

I am having a crazy bout of startitis. Is it because fall is coming? Or is it because we desperately hope fall is coming?

These are my July socks, that I finished in August 4th. They are knit from Opal's Rainforest collection in the Coral Snakes colorway.
I started my August socks and am to the heel of the second sock. The sock looks good, but the pattern is terrible. Errors on the errata. The yarn is my Strong Arm Sock yarn in a OOAK lot. There was still 1 skein left of this colorway left at Knitorious when I was there earlier this week. It's a gorgeous color knit up.
A Harry Potter was the next sweater in the queue for my Knitting the Queue project before I abandoned it in favor of knitting every single project in the new issue of Knitty. I know I've said this a few times already, but I think this is one of the best issues of Knitty in a long time and I love Knitty pretty much every issue. I've already made Purlieu, I've cast on and knit the sleeve for Mythos from Cotton Slub in the color Olive You (no pics so far) , and started Coquille from my Cotton Warp in the orange/green color. 
What you can't see in above picture is that I actually started a second shawl from the other end of this ball of yarn. I couldn't decide which shawl it wanted to be so I cast on for both thinking I would rip whichever one got on my nerves first. Silly and pointless, but there you go. Good thing I know where I can always get more of this yarn should I end up liking both of them.  

Where was I? Oh right, the Harry Potter Sweater. I finally chose the new new new  sweater I wanted for my Harry Potter sweater -- a not too wizardy a hoodie cardigan with bell sleeves with a house color stripe tastefully added in-- and then quickly abandoned it when I discovered that the ribbing section would measure 90". NINETY. That's at gauge, too. The theory is that 1x1 ribbing will pull in, but no matter how stretchy the ribbing is, 90" of ribbing will never pull in to 45". 1x1 ribbing may look like stockinette stitch when unstretched, but it doesn't mean that 1 knit and 1 purl take up the space of only 1 knit stitch. It's clever, but ti isn't accurate. The math needs to be double checked on that pattern and I'm not the person to do it, so I ripped it and cast on for a new new new new Harry Potter sweater made from Inverness, another Knitty pattern.

You may ask yourself, what makes this a Harry Potter sweater? Well, it's gray and it looks like something Hermione would wear and it's called Inverness which is in Scotland and Oliver Wood was Scottish, or at least his actor was. OH FINE, It's not a Harry Potter sweater. It's a plain old boring gray cardigan. So sue me. My goal was to be warm while standing in line for the movie and know that my sweater is a HP sweater without looking like a 35-year old HP fanatic. Mission accomplished, or rather, the cuff of one sleeve has been accomplished.

So that's the atartitis. Now about the Sale Bin.

I've added several colors of Cotton Slub to the sale/clearance bin. This time last year I was still working out which colors would be most popular for Cotton Slub line. Hint: It's not these colors. The colors a great for accessories, like bags and shawls, but the colors aren't great for cardigans and summer sweaters which seems to be what most people are using the Cotton Slub for. I also have some wool one-offs left in the sale bin that would make great accessories or baby garments.
My creation


  1. I love your HP sweater and you can knit whatever the heck you want. Right? The socks are amazing and stop tempting me, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey there! Your yarn and batts are lovely! I featured you as my Etsy Shop du Jour at my blog on Great stuff :D

  3. Thank you, Grenadine Girl! What is the name of your blog?


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