Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Customer FO's

There have been some great projects made with Dyeabolical yarns and fibers this month!

Deborah found a lone skein of Handspun Edition! in an overdyed polwarth wool while we were doing inventory. From discovery to cast on to cast off was about 12 hours! Speed knitter, thy name is Deborah.
Suzy knit this fantastic summer sweater out of only 2 skeins of Cotton Slub. She wrote up a great review of the yarn, too! Thanks, Suzy!
Here's a shot of the back.
Crafty and Crap used 2 colors of Cotton Slub as the warp and weft to weave this super scarf.
I love the twisted tassels.
She also took these great pictures demonstrating how much the Cotton Slub changes with a rough block in a hot water wash and tumble dry. Hand washing or gentle wash/no dry is recommended for subsequent washes.

We're not just knitters here! Kat from Katatomic Labs used some of my tonal felting fibers as the icing on these great felted cupcakes.
TaiwanDawn is rocking the Cotton Warp. She's working on a shawl and a shrug from it right now and she's crocheted these cute mitts. 
Kara knit this cute little Boheme sweater from Cotton Slub in the Tangerine Dream colorway. Adorable!
Terri used 2 skeins of Cotton Warp to make this fantastic Clapotis scarf. I admit, I thought knitting a Clapotis out of laceweight might take for-ev-er, but Terri knit this up in no time at all. I am out of the red/orange/green color she used in the Cotton Warp, but I have plenty left in that color in the heavier weight Cotton Tape and I'll be dyeing more of the warp soon.

13MoonsAgo spun this yarn from a braid of superwash merino top and knitted this great headband.

...and finally, a bunch of projects I have neglected for too long--the Sunbell socks designed by Ariel and knitted by the Knit and Caboodle sock club!
From left to right, top to bottom: Ariel, Suzanne, Tracy, Terri, Danamom, and Buzz

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