Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So Long! Farewell!

I'm hiding in my office right now which, ironically, is where I go when I don't want to work. Most mornings I need to be close to the kitchen so I set my laptop up in there and end up staying there all day, sometimes all week. I don't have an urgent need to dye anything today not true so I moved back to the office and have been knitting and listening to podcasts all morning if you ignore that I accidentally worked on emails and paperwork from 6-7:30 and did research from 8-9:45.

A giant yarn ball of stress knocked me in a hole last week and I am just now peeking my head out to see what's going on. Half that stress came from the fact that the mill that spins my cotton bases folded and the distributor had to scramble to find a new mill to spin the yarns. For whatever reason I didn't get the memo until the new Cotton Slub Sport base actually arrived.
old on the left; new on the right
 As you can see, the new mill got the CS base very close.  The main differences I see on first glance is that the section between the slubs are now textured instead of smooth and the slubs are larger. I can work with those 2 differences pretty easily. The kicker is that the Cotton Slub is no longer a sport weight. It is a DK weight. It's not a bad thing, but it is frustrating.

I am so glad that the distributor found another option rather than just discontinuing the yarn. I actually like the new base quite a lot, but not knowing this was happening in advance is problematic. New gauge samples need to be made, new sample garments need to be made, a *eep* new pricing structure needs to be worked out. Oh, and did I mention I have a show in 10 days?

Well, I've given it a week for it all to settle in and I think the change and hard work will be worth it. Frustrating to have to redo most of it, sure, but the yarn specs are so similar that I think all those things that made CSS great will still be present in CSDK. I am reserving judgment until all the testing is done, but I really do think the dk will be superior to the sport weight if only because the dk isn't sport weight. Which would you rather knit? Dk, right?

I have quite a bit of CSS still in stock, so get it while you can at the old price. Knitorious and Paste both still have this base in stock, too, so if you are local to St. Louis then I would appreciate it if you bought from them if you can. If I decide to continue with the CSDK the price will most definitely be going up to probably $14-16 per hank.

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