Sunday, September 19, 2010

Super Sleepy Sunday

The god Java has been of enormous help these past few weeks.
My kitchen has looked like this for 2 weeks. I'm not a neat freak, but this drives me crazy even though it is totally necessary to do my job. From left to right: 3 different kinds of soap, all have a different purpose. A sink full of BFL wool. The god Java, to keep me alive. A bunch of buckets full of merino wool nepps to be carded in to art batts later. Cat food, to keep the cats alive. Sorry for contaminating your food, cats. I suppose I should have moved your food bin. Ditto for the toaster.  The counter on the other side of the kitchen looks almost exactly the same except instead of a coffee maker and cat food there is a drum carder and a skein winder. If you don't want fiber in your food then don't ask me to cook in my kitchen. 

Speaking of carding, I got some more batts done. Almost all the batts I am making right now are from a batch of polwarth wool that went awry. Almost every braid turned out either brown or blue. See, polwarth doesn't seem to want to suck up dye like merino and bfl do, so the dye sat in the pot too long and muddied. They're so-so as braids, but fantastic as batts, don't you think? 

This picture is a good example of how polwarth dyes compared to other fibers. I used basically the same colors on both of these braids in basically the same amount. The top in the left is bfl. The top on the right is polwarth. Crazy, huh?

I have a new batch of Dyeabolical Drawstring bags! Marilin just dropped off a basket of really cute reversible drawstring project bags that are perfect for socks. She changed the design slightly from last year. This picture really does not do the design justice at all. I'll get some good pictures if there are any left after the Strange Folk Festival on Saturday. The bags are slightly taller and fatter, set flat, the casings are slightly bigger to allow for a tighter close and there are 2 coordinating grosgrain ribbons long enough to dangle off your wrist. I have half a dozen of these bags, plus they're reversible so it's more like having a dozen bags for the price of 6. I keep my travel socks in them. I pull them out, toss the ribbon loop over my wrist and knit socks while I wait in line. Thanks for bringing more to me, Mom! Er, I mean, Marilin. 

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  1. Hooray for Java! Love the batts, except you're making me think about digging out my carder ... like I need another project ;o)


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