Tuesday, October 5, 2010

All Posts Must Have A Title

I frequently struggle to find the line between business and personal, especially when blogging or using other forms of social media. I used to blog about both personal and professional in the same blog. I broke the business in to a separate blog when a search for my business name started bringing up posts from my internet private life--my public-private life if you will.

There are several business guides that recommend only talking about the business in business blogs. There are many other business guides that recommend interspersing personal with the business. There are blogging guides that recommend having the equivalent of a blog brand if you want to be successful in blogging and presumably in business. How do these guides apply to me? Dyeabolical is essentially a one-person business. Knitting and fiber is my job and my hobby. Is a professional blog going to be all that different than a personal blog?

I laid out some basic guidelines and wrote out a list of differences when I separated my blogging life in to business and personal. The business blog shall not discuss politics except in very special circumstances. The business blog shall not curse except in very special circumstances. The business blog shall not overshare. The business blog is for the business.

A business blog is a tool to connect with customers. It is only common sense that I promote Dyeabolical® when I use the Dyeabolical blog. Every blog post ought to be well thought out (ha!) and in some way enhance the Dyeabolical brand. It just makes sense that if I were to feature another brand it would be in a way connected to my brand. For instance, if I were to spin a yarn for sale made from another dyers fibers. That would be okay, but it wouldn't make sense to feature a yarn I spun to keep for myself using someone else's fibers. At least, it wouldn't make good business sense.

SO that's how the conventional business blogging logic goes. Is it right? I don't know. Is it smart? Still don't know. Is it boring to read post after post of "buy my stuff"? Hell yes, it's boring. According to yet another school of thought, there ought to be content beyond the "buy my stuff" posts that have nothing to do with the business. 

Does providing content unrelated to Dyeabolical, possibly featuring other dyers, dilute my brand or does providing fresh content to bring in more readers? And, of course, this all assumes that I buy in to the premise that bringing in more readers is the objective of having a business blog.  I'm not sure I buy in to that premise, for I often feel like I am having a conversation with my friends and I hate feeling like I'm selling to my friends.

This whole post has been an exercise in my trying to figure out which blog to put a picture of my September socks in. No, seriously. I finished my September socks and didn't know if I should post it here or in my personal knitting/complaining/kvetching/kvelling blog? This is the stuff that goes through my head. I usually leave it stuffed in to my head, but um, well, this was bloggable. Plus, several people have told me that they enjoy reading the rationale and reasoning that goes behind what seems to be the most mundane of decisions.

I'm not really all torn up about where to post the picture of the socks, but I did take a day to figure out which blog they would be best suited for. I pretty much went through the mental exercise I went through above before deciding that I'm not ready to pick a single blogging philosophy and stick to it and I may never be. Who needs a philosophy to talk to their friends? Douchebags, that's who. Perhaps my blogging philosophy is to reject all blogging philosophy. Kind of like how I learned all the rules of punctuation and grammar and gleefully choose to ignore them. Sentence fragment.

I just re-read the above and decided that perhaps it's time for me to turn off the TWiT Netcast Network and unsubscribe from blogs about blogging. They are clearly having a bad influence on me.

By the way, here are my September socks. I don't know why they took me so long to power through. I started them in August and finshed all but 20 rows in September. They rested for several days and then last night I took 20 minutes to finish them. I've started my October socks, if you count winding it in to a ball as "starting". They have self-striping ghosties on them. I'm 100% sure they will be to small. The self-striping ghosties need a 7.5" circumference to stripe correctly and I have a 9" foot. Heartache is afoot, methinks.
Ankle socks knitted from SWTC Tofutsies. Many thanks to Deborah who gave me this fun yarn.


  1. Post a picture on BOTH blogs. Why not? They're pretty socks.

    What colorway is that?

  2. Love the socks. Blog where you want to, when you want to and say whatever the h*ll you want. I tried to post a comment earlier today, but couldn't. Weirdweirdweird.

  3. I'm not really all torn up about where to post the socks. I was more trying to demonstrate the kind of thought that goes in to using a blog as a tool for sales vs. blogging for blogging's sake. I am such a small blogger and dyer now that it doesn't much matter, but I have fantasies that some day I'll have to actually be more concerned about these kinds of things.


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