Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Next steps

I think a lot about where I'm going and the pace in which I'm getting there. There is no denying that my path is meandering and that my pace is leisurely. I run this business for the most part without borrowing and out of my apartment. I made an initial $100 investment 4 or 5 years ago and have pretty much reinvested every dime back in to the business, give or take a few personal loans to and from myself.

I keep thinking I need to take the next step and get in to a studio. I daydream about leaving a clean home in the morning and coming home to a clean home at night. I fantasize about industrial vents, stainless steel double sinks, commercial steamers and rows and racks of inventory that lives somewhere other than my kitchen table. I imagine a home office that I actually use for officey things instead of setting up at the dining room table to supervise the pots all morning.

Did you know that the only reason I ever consider moving in to a house is so I can set up a home studio? I actually really enjoy apartment living, except for this whole lack of studio space thing.

I don't have any grand announcements or anything today. Just wondering what it would take to get in to a commercial space ($) and whether or not I'm willing to take the financial risk of signing a lease (no). 


  1. This would be the market for you to get into a studio. Why not just take a look at Craig's List or something? And, have you looked at the old Crestwood Mall? They have that artist space thing going and it might be your niche. Whatever you decide, I'm pulling for you!!!!!

  2. I think we talked about this before, but Crestwood Court is perfect for you.


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