Friday, October 29, 2010

Special Halloween Edition

I am working on the customer FO post for October. If you have a finished object or spun yarn made from Dyeabolical yarn or fiber and would like to be featured in the post then please email me or message me on Ravelry by Sunday. I am happy to link to your blog, website or Rav profile!


I am having the worst time writing cleverly, professionally or in an entertaining sort of way this morning. This is probably why my full-time freelance writing career was a FAIL. There are some days where internet/LOLcat speak is the best I'm capable of. This is one of those days. On to the pictures. 
I haz a beige industrial shelf a neighbor gave me. It's sitting in my living room and looks terrible. I was going to move it in to the kitchen and use it as a big drying rack but then I turned my back and the books, knitting, plants and shelves took over. It's pretty ugly now. It needs work if it is going to stay there. It might not stay there.
Just in case I do keep a former Hostess Twinkie rack in my living room, I came up with a plan to prettify it. We got some cuttings from the garden and from friends. I added magnets to the back of some crocheted flowers. I'm planning vaguely on slowly adding felted vines and astro turf to the bottom shelves where the cats won't be horribly poisoned if they eat them (they won't eat them). When the real vines are big enough I'll transplant them to the top shelf and let them wind down the legs. In the meantime I'm adding bits of crafty whimsy as I come across it. I may clear off the top 2 shelves and use them to grow seedlings in the winter. Oh, the possibilities of a mostly empty shelf!
I was working on crocheting flowers from every color of Cotton Slub Sport. That was before the CSS was discontinued and replaced with Cotton Slub DK. I'm doing test knitting and swatching with the CSDK right now. The DK looks better knitted at a tighter gauge whereas the CSS looks better knitted loose and worn over a cami and *needlescratch* Whoa! Stop right there, Self! This isn't a work post!Save it for later!

Deborah and Crafty and Crap have been very accommodating in providing crafty goodies for my shelf (shelves) of whimsy. Deborah needle felted me this dia de los muertos skull which you saw last month. This month she contributed several more pieces. 
An awesome needle felted pumpkin
A mushroom!!!! This mushroom needs a gnome like NOW. Hold on while I go buy a gnome....okay I'm back! One zombie gnome on its way! I feel the start of an insidious and really specific handmade gnome/dinosaur/flower/magnet collection coming on.
ACORN!!!! I officially name Deborah as yarn monkey of the year.
Crafty and Crap needle felted us an whole bag of eyeballs, because she's awesome like that. I placed them strategically throughout our garden. 
I reserved 2 of the eyeballs to finish off a very special craft project of Scott's. 
Doesn't his skull mask look much better with a tiara and eyebawwwwwwwwwwllllllls! 
I have to take his eyebawwwwwwls out of its sockets before I go to bed at night otherwise I forget they're there and scream when I walk past them to get a glass of water in the middle of the night.

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