Friday, October 22, 2010

Tower Grove and Meandering Digressions

I'm all set and packed up for Tower Grove Farmers Market's Harvest Festival. I just need to load the car. Have I mentioned I love my apartment, except for the part where I can't pull up to my door? The closest I can get is 3 flights of stairs and 25 my-size paces. That's quite a change from living in a place where I could park 4 feet from my back door. First paragraph and I am already digressing. I'm digressing because I know as soon as I finish this post I have lifting and packing to do and I don't wanna.

I will be taking some spinning fiber with me afterall. It seems I only have 2 totes full of actual yarn. Eep! How did THAT happen? No, really. How did that happen? Because if I sold a tub full of yarn then surely I would have an equivalent amount of money in my checking account, right? Right? (pause while I figured out how that happened) 

Moving on...

There is a 30% chance of rain tonight and in the morning. Boo! I'll be there anyway under the tent and hopefully surrounded by the new tent walls Amazon is delivering today. God bless Amazon Prime and their $4 overnight shipping. If the wind gets too bad or my tent can't take the weight of the rain then I may pack up shop. I will update my Twitter account if I decide to leave early.

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  1. I am having an awful time posting comments on your blog. I just don't want you to think I'm not keeping up with you (or, at least trying). Keeping for fingers crossed for late rain.


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