Monday, October 18, 2010

Tower Grove Farmers Market

I'm going to have a booth at Tower Grove Farmers Market this Saturday, for real this time. I'm sharing my booth with Kat from Katatomic Labs and possibly a third artisan at the Harvest Festival.This is the last farmers market this year. There will be lots of fun things to do...

...including buying yarn
I bailed on my last 2 booths at Tower Grove because of weather issues, but this time I'm prepared. I'm bringing a tent to keep the yarn dry, cinder blocks to keep the tent from flying away, bungees to keep the display from pitching over, a grid display instead of a solid display so the wind can go right through it, tarps to cover the merchandise and the floor of the booth in case the wind does pick up and 1 adult who doesn't have merchandise at stake should weather strike again. I'm also limiting the amount of stock I'm bringing with me. This is what I'm planning on bringing:
  • Strong Arm Sock Yarn
  • Cotton Slub Sport
  • Felting Fiber
  • Lace Yarns 
  • Reversible drawstring project bags
  • Clearance Yarns
  • I'm out of Cotton Warp right now and am not sure it will be ready by Saturday. I'll try. 
  • I don't sell the spinning fibers or handspun well at Farmer's Market, so I'm leaving them at home unless there is a special request for it.  Please do let me know if you are a spinner and would like to see some roving. 

    Upcoming Shows--After this weekend I do not have any more shows scheduled. I am going through the fall craft shows right now and making some last minute applications, so hopefully I'll get in somewhere for November or early December, but not a big deal if I don't.

    I'm already thinking about next year. The goal is at least one fiber show. Really, fiber shows are the best venue for me, but it is difficult to get travel together with our various work schedules. It is hard to get just one day off in a week without taking the entire week off. Anyone know of any local-to-STL, 1-2 day, weekend-only knitting-and-fiber shows besides Waterloo and Bethel?

    I'm considering doing the Rotary Show at Lindbergh High School in the springtime. It's a HUGE craft show. I'm not sure it's my crowd, but I do like doing local shows and making new spinners and knitters. I figure if I make my booth and food fees back and I don't have to drive more than 20 minutes to get there then it is worth my time if I can make at least 2 new knitters or spinners. If I have to drive more than 20 minutes or drag all my inventory from my car myself, bring a tent or worry about weather then it quits being worth the hassle, the exception being Tower Grove Farmers Market. See above. I'll be there this weekend. :)

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    1. I'm making plans to see you this weekend! I need sock yarn. ;-) I'm spreading the word as well. I get so many compliments on the shawl that I made out for your sock yarn.


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