Tuesday, November 2, 2010

20% off spinning and felting batts

I'm having a batt sale! 20% off of the sticker price of all of the batts I currently have in stock. The majority of these batts are hand dyed polwarth wool. Most are carded smooth, though some have add-ins such as sari silk, nepps, glitz, tencel, etc.

Each batt is perfectly spinnable, feltable or knit and crochetable, but the one thing it isn't is perfectly pretty. See, we have been storing the batts in soft-side containers and that was a mistake. Sometime between the last show and yesterday they were smashed between 2 boxes. They developed creases and had the air smooshed out of them. Additionally, the glitzy batts got mixed in with the non-glitzy batts. I also have 2-3 batts from the first time I drum carded. They are perfectly fine to spin, but they might not be as pretty as newer batts are.

Everything is perfectly spinnable, but the batt you order may not be perfectly shaped or perfectly smooth, the label might be bent (or missing), there might be stray glitz. For that reason I am discounting my whole batt stock 20%. Proceeds will be spend on a dedicated hard-side batt container. *g*

I will be shipping these sale batts in envelopes and further creasing may occur. Non-sale batts will be sent in priority boxes. Please let me know if you would prefer I sent this batt in a priority box and I will invoice you for the shipping difference.

You can reach my shop by going to Etsy, clicking on the preview box on the sidebar or going to http://www.dyeabolical.com and clicking on the etsy link.

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