Monday, November 1, 2010

Customer FOs for October

FOs are Finished Objects. A finished object is any item knitted, crocheted, woven, felted, spun or otherwise transformed from Dyeabolical yarns and fibers into another form (e.g. yarn knitted in to mittens, warp crocheted in to dishcloths, fiber in to a felted object, dyed top spun in to yarn). If you would like me to include your FO in an upcoming post, along with a link to your website/blog/shop/Rav ID, then please email me or message me through Ravelry. Thank you to my customers and friends for letting me share your FOs!

Stlmamaknits (on Rav) knitted this great shawl for her goddaughter out of Strong Arm Sock Yarn in the Hookah You colorway.
CherrySprinkle (on Rav) spun this gorgeous yarn from superwash merino/tencel top dyed in the Blood Orange colorway.
Ann spun these from various handpainted tops she's gotten from me over the years. Clockwise: merino/tencel in "Can't Hit the Side Of A..", superwash merino in "Dance Misress", kettle dyed mystery color in ??? and masham wool in Annie.
You saw these in the last blog post, but they earn a spot here, too. Thank you to Deborah for these shelf decorations! She needle felted these from Dyeabolical felting fibers. I do not have any needle felting fibres listed online right now. I have something like 30 colors. I'm just not sure HOW to list them without overwhelming my current shop. Perhaps I'll list them in my unused Artfire shop? In the meantime you can contact Paste Crafts and they will be happy to help you pick out Dyeabolical felting fiber.
These awesome eyeballs were made partially from Dyeabolical felting wool, as well. Thanks, Crafty and Crap!

Kim spun these two falkland wool braids above and plied them together. She also spun some of my blue superwash merino from years ago and knitted it in to a hat for a very lucky recipient. Awesome job, Kim!
VenutianBeauty (on Rav) spun this chunky 2-ply in "American Maid". I think this is merino. I haven't done this color in a while. Perhaps I'll dye this up on BFL/Silk this week? 
JennP started and finished these socks using Strong Arm Sock Yarn in the color "Scratch Art". I think I may need to dye this color again soon and snag another hank for my own stash. Scott stole my stash Scratch Art for a secret weaving project.

Susan from Shenanigans Yarn spun this remarkable 3-ply from kettle dyed merino. WOW! I'll tell you, this color was not my favorite when I dyed it, but I love the way it spun up.
Another gorgeous 3-ply, this time from putasockonit (on rav). This is a superwash merino/nylon blend that I carried for a short period of time before my supplier discontinued it. Boo! I have one braid of this blend left. I am searching for a new supplier for this blend if anyone has any leads.
Carin from the Round the Twist podcast reviewed this bfl wool/silk blend on her podcast and donated what she spun from it to a charity raffle. Thank you for the review! You can see the finished yarn in her most recent podcast. I'll be dyeing up more bfl wool/silk hopefully this week and have it up online in about 2 weeks.
Boutrosbutros (on Rav) knit these very cool knee socks from Dark Night (dyeable upon request) in Alter Ego Sock Yarn (now discontinued), That's a lotta knitting! 
As far as what I accomplished this month, I didn't finish knitting a single object unless you count a pile of swatches in the new Cotton Sport DK. I managed these few handspuns from top I dyed--masham wool on top and bfl on the bottom. I spun a  few other handspuns from other dyers tops which I will put up on Rav or in another post. 

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  1. Gorgeous FO's - I think the handspun blood orange might be my favorite!


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