Sunday, November 28, 2010

Define "invention"

Have you read Time's "50 Best Inventions of the Year" article? I'm going to need Time Magazine to define "invention".
No. 26 
Not many solutions to moth holes have inspired fan pages on Facebook. But Woolfiller provides a surprisingly eash solution to the age-old problem of holey sweaters. Take the special wool and felting needle and poke the needle--which has small hooks along the point--through the wool and your moth-eaten garment. The repeated action binds the fibers together, making a felt patch on your cardigan, sock or rug. Haleen Klopper of the Netherlands created Woolfiller as part of an interactive museum exhibition on sustainability, and so many visitors wanted to buy it that she stated making kits...
Clever idea? Yes. Clever marketing? Yes. Useful product? Absolutely. Top 50 product of the year? Maybe. If you aren't a fiber person you might not have known that you can fix sweaters that way. Bringing the skill in to the public eye is absolutely worthwhile, but Top 50 invention of the year? No. Sorry, but it isn't by virtue of the fact it is not an invention at all. It's a needle felting kit rebranded as a moth-hole repair kit. Clever it is, but an invention it is not.

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