Sunday, November 21, 2010

Steampunk Gryffindor

I finally finished the fingerless gloves that I started months ago when I was still working on the Knitting the Queue project before I quit it so I could attempt to knit every single thing in the summer issue of Knitty. Run on sentence. Sorry. Oops! Sentence fragment. Grammar police ahead. Ahem.

I did not knit every single thing in the summer issue of Knitty, but I did knit half a sweater, a cowl, half a shawl, and the toe of some socks before I got distracted by the 6 pairs of socks in 6 months challenge that Deborah and I decided to do. I've never met a knitting/spin X amount in X days challenge I didn't like. In fact, I just joined International Fleece's Spin Every Day challenge because I obviously don't have enough on my crafty plate. 

The base yarn for today's finished project is a yarn I have been considering bringing in for months and months now. It is a gorgeous merino worsted weight with fantastic springiness and takes color amazing. I'm promising myself (and you) that I will bring this yarn in if I sell 10 more sock or fiber club memberships through either etsy or artfire. No pressure. *grin*

Someone on Ravelry called these mitts "Steampunk Gryffindor". Sweet!  Pattern is Slither from,  unsurprisingly, Knitty.


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