Monday, December 27, 2010


Snowy ram statue at Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Corrinne from Goodness (Recycled and Otherwise) interviewed me a few weeks ago and posted the interview in her bog. You can read it here. Thanks, Corrine! 
  • We don't have any customer FOs to share this month yet. I do know that several items were knit, crocheted, woven and spun from Dyeabolical yarn and fiber this month, but it seems like everyone (including me) has yet to take and post pictures to Ravelry. Or they forgot to take pictures before giving items away. I did that myself with 2 FOs. If you have any items you would like to share post them to Ravelry and indicate that you used a Dyeabolical yarn or fiber, share them with the Dyeabolical Group on Ravelry, tag your project with "dyeabolical" (don't forget the "e" in "dyeabolical") or email me at dyeabolicalyarns at gmail dot com. 
  • I added generic "Dyeabolical Yarn" or "Dyeabolical Fiber" categories to my Ravelry brand page. This will let you still track what yarn/fiber you used if there isn't a category already made for that yarn/fiber--especially useful for those limited edition yarns I do each year for Strange Folk Festival. I also added categories for those of you who will be receiving sock and fiber clubs next month. 
  •  There is still a few fiber club memberships left. Sign-ups close when the club is full or when January starts, whichever comes first. 
  • I have to brag on my husband-person. He wove scarves for his mom and dad from Dyeabolical Cotton Slub Sport on his Cricket loom. I think he did an awesome job, especially for a beginner weaver. [This exact base isn't available from my distributor anymore. I can get a similar base for anyone who needs a custom order, but this is all of the original I have left. I can get an infant sweater from 1 skein, kids from 2, small adult or large summer sweater from 3, 4 for a complicated or large sweater]

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